Under 18s Guidance

 Bremex Mountaineering & Climbing Club Under 18s Guidance

  1. Child protection is a rapidly changing subject, with stringent guidelines.
  2. Unaccompanied children under 18 would require the Club to adopt a Child Protection Policy, appoint a Child Protection Liaison Officer and carry out Criminal record Bureau (CRB) checks.  In view of this the Club has decided that unaccompanied children cannot be accommodated on Club events.
  3. However, children aged 14 up to 18 years can join the Club and hold Junior membership, providing they are accompanied at all times by their parent/guardian or a nominated adult in ‘loco parentis.’
  4. A nominated adult must provide the Membership Secretary with written consent from the parent/guardian stating that they have read and accept the BMC participation statement and that they fully understand the risks involved in mountaineering and climbing activities.
  5. Children under the age of 14 years can accompany Club members on specified meets providing they are accompanied at all times by their parent/guardian and their accommodation is separate from other club members.  They cannot become Club members and they cannot stay in huts used for Club meets.
  6. No club member, when acting in the capacity of a group organiser, leader or facilitator will be allowed to bring children to that event.
  7. Club members who are not the parent/guardian or adult in ‘loco parentis’ should be aware that where possible they should not be alone with an under 18 on Club events.